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• 10/1/2018

SVU: Disagree with Fandom writers' bio description of FBI agent Dana Lewis

The writer lists a catagory called "Pathology" (??? ... pathology literally means the study of disease) & lists FBI agent Dana Lewis under that category as a "murderer." (??) With the exception of the last person she shot, the others were all WANTED CRIMINAL SUSPECTS & were shot in the line of duty. If those actions makes her a "murderer," then ALL law enforcement officers, both state & federal, who have shot armed suspects in the line of duty must therefore be "murderers," too. Whoever wrote that bio should correct it to accurately reflect who Dana Lewis is. BTW, the correct term for describing aberrant human behavior is "psychopathology."

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• 9/23/2018

Which episode is this?!

I am a fan of the L&O franchise and a contributor on Evil Babes Wikia, and I need help here! I got this from TVTropes:

There's an episode about the murder of a teenage girl. The cops keep pursuing the girl's father, as evidence indicates the girl was sexually abused, but he keeps protesting his innocence. It's ultimately revealed that it was the girl's mother who was raping her and ultimately murdered her.

According to TVTropes, it's an episode of the original L&O. Can someone PLEASE tell me what episode of the original L&O this is from? Thank you so much!
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• 8/24/2018

Most New York-y Episode

What are the episodes of SVU that show a lot of New York city?
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• 8/10/2018

Helpe me find certain episodes?

Hi! I'm currently writing a paper for uni and I really want to include some episodes of Law and Order. Unfortunately it's been some time since I've watched the show, but I clearly remember seeing these scenes in a lot of episodes. Could you help me find episodes in which there is a flashback of a perpetrator's mother, where she is being abusive, a drug addict, a prostitute etc.? I would be eternally grateful! Thanks!
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• 8/10/2018

Actors playing villains that return to the show as main characters?

Has anyone else noticed how often this happens?
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• 8/1/2018

Character Return

What is a character that people want to see return to SVU? My list, in this order, is Barba, Tucker, Munch, Stabler, Warner.
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• 7/31/2018


Ok, so I don't remember exact details. But it was an episode where it started off with a woman taking a shower and then it's revealed that the episode is about a rapist/sexual assault? Basically, the perp forced his victims to take showers after he finished with them so there would be no DNA. And that he got his victims from like a marketing list. (where people sign up for more information on a product/company). Also the perp wore a mask when he assaulted victims and the detectives had to track down this mask??? pls help.
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• 7/17/2018

Detectives hate others

Im new to the show but am really into it. Can someone explain to me why Benson and the rest of the detectives hate Tucker, the Reverend, etc. Every time they come up they have a problem with them and I don't understand why.
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• 5/31/2018


there’s this one Law & Order episode where McCoy is exasperated with a defense attorney in chambers. the attorney is old and cranky and isn’t surprised that his clients are probably guilty. He says something about what they’ve done “Is it any wonder in this fakakta town?” He’s jewish and knows yiddish, hence “fakakta” meaning f-ed up. Can anyone point me to this exact episode?
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• 5/11/2018

Criminal Masterminds Season 18/19???

Which characters from the two most recent seasons would count as criminal masterminds?
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• 4/10/2018

baby asphyxiation

Benson discussed baby asphyxiation between the bed and the parent sleeping on it as it appears SID. Can you tell me what the word is she used? I'm sure it started with B.
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• 4/9/2018

When the criminal does not get punished

I need help to write a university paper on law and order svu. I need episodes in the first 5 seasons, where the criminal does not get prosecuted. Anyone?
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• 3/17/2018

Law & Order SVU

Silly Question why mention craigslist but not facebook on Law & Order They conjest the name with myspace?
Sorry if this question has already come up I have just joined :)
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• 2/21/2018
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• 2/3/2018

SVU’s Recent Politics

SVU’s Politics: SVU has become political. Please keep your political ideas to yourself. Pro law enforcement people who are generally conservative watch your show. So keep your opinions to yourself before you lose the majority of your audience. Why don’t you just continue being to show you used to be.
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• 12/30/2017

Not OK.

Suggestion for script writers.
Benson says, "OK" repeatedly to victims when he/she/they are not OK. Find something appropriate to replace "OK".
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• 12/3/2017

Where can I buy criminal intent series 6?

Where can I buy criminal intent series 6 and beyond on dev suitable for uk viewing amazon etc are all imported???
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• 11/28/2017

Is Barry Freeburg actually Harvey Weinstein?

In episode Contract S07E12 Hollywood producer Barry Freeburg is exposed for forcing young actresses to have sex with him and/or raping them in his office.
Nothing too obvious there, but actor Jeff Garlin looks suspiciously alike H.W., some details of the plot are very much like real life Weinstein, even name Barry Freeburg...
Am I paranoid, or they wanted to mention Weinstein, but without giving him enough material to take them to court for slander?
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• 11/25/2017

Just an opinion about the producer/producers.

What a joke, the entire series is made for kids<I can not understand how the actors are getting paid for such junk.Just a few issues with the show:the dialogue stinks between the characters compared to real life law enforcement officers,the police cruisers have yellow lights which everyone knows that color is not police they are blue.Than the questioning of the people ( not even close)the tone,as a police officer/detective you don't do that.Anyway it's just a dumb show not even close to reality however people get dumb but then they assume that the way it is in real life and and up doing stupid things.If you are trying to make it look real or close to real the least they can do is go with a real police officer or talk to one about the procedures that are involved in arresting someone as well as charging someone with anything.The producers are so way off as if they are making those shows for kids.However it sells and they are making a living.Good for them but that kind of leads to the dumbing of some of us that don't know any better and than ends up up with disturbed people doing exactly what they show and figuring out how to get around the rules and regulations.But who cares as long as they are providing us some fun and some ideas for those sick people out there.Money is money after all, meanwhile the sick people get inspired by it and get ideas on how to make it work and get around all the rules and regulations.By the way they are way to many.If someone did something wrong just take care of it,that is how our defense system works(if someone does something wrong we will do the same to you) therefore less nonsense/politics and all that.Let's keep it simple :you did something wrong you will pay dearly for it:no let's talk about it and all that:eventually they/he/her will do it again.You/us have to be strong(you break into my house and are threatened what are you going to do"Let's talk about it,let me help you and such"no just take care of it right there.Keep it simple.
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• 9/28/2017

Hi everyone!

You know what is cool? I have seen all the episodes of LAW AND ORDER!
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