12th Precinct

Detective Robert Goren inside the precinct's squadroom

The 12th Precinct is a police station from the New York City Police Department.

Detectives Robert Goren and Alexandra Eames visited the precinct during their investigation into the death of Laura Dietrich. (CI: "Monster")

Ed Tucker later investigated the entire precinct for kickbacks, extortion and rape. (SVU: "Internal Affairs")

It is later mentioned that a dirty cop from the 12th that was previously thought to have committed suicide was actually killed by Anton Nadari. (SVU: "Gambler's Fallacy")

Known personnel

  • Lieutenant Terrance Wood, arrested for attempted murder.
  • Detective Ted Marston, arrested for the murder of Laura Dietrich.
  • Officer West, arrested for serial rape and attempted murder.
  • Officer Ryan Quinn, arrested for accomplice to rape and attempted murder.
  • Officer Michael Groves
  • Officer Kenneth Parker
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