Production[edit | edit source]

January[edit | edit source]

4 January
L&O: "House Counsel" airs.
11 January
L&O: "Guardian" airs.
25 January
L&O: "Progeny" airs.

February[edit | edit source]

1 February
L&O: "Rage" airs.
8 February
L&O: "Performance" airs.
15 February
L&O: "Seed" airs.

March[edit | edit source]

15 March
L&O: "Wannabe" airs.
22 March
L&O: "Act of God" airs.

April[edit | edit source]

5 April
L&O: "Privileged" airs.
19 April
L&O: "Cruel and Unusual" airs.
Oklahoma City bombing
26 April
L&O: "Bad Faith" airs.

May[edit | edit source]

3 May
L&O: "Purple Heart" airs.
17 May
L&O: "Switch" airs.
24 May
L&O: "Pride" airs.

September[edit | edit source]

20 September
L&O: "Bitter Fruit" airs.
27 September
L&O: "Rebels" airs.

October[edit | edit source]

18 October
L&O: "Savages" airs.

November[edit | edit source]

1 November
L&O: "Jeopardy" airs.
8 November
L&O: "Hot Pursuit" airs.
15 November
L&O: "Paranoia" airs.
22 November
L&O: "Humiliation" airs.
29 November
L&O: "Angel" airs.

Other events[edit | edit source]

January[edit | edit source]

27 January
Paulina Gerzon is born.

March[edit | edit source]

7 March
Haley Lu Richardson is born.

April[edit | edit source]

15 April
Gilbert Moses dies.

November[edit | edit source]

22 November
Katherine McNamara is born.
30 November
William Roerick dies.

December[edit | edit source]

27 December
Timothée Chalamet is born.

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