Law and Order



10 January
L&O: "Hubris" airs.
12 January
SVU: "Pixies" airs.
17 January
L&O: "Whose Monkey is it Anyway?" airs.
19 January
SVU: "Consent" airs.
20 January
George W. Bush is inaugurated as the 43rd President of the United States.
24 January
L&O: "Sunday in the Park with Jorge" airs
26 January
SVU: "Abuse" airs.


2 February
SVU: "Secrets" airs.
7 February
L&O: "Teenage Wasteland" airs.
9 February
SVU: "Victims" airs.
14 February
L&O: "Phobia" airs.
16 February
SVU: "Paranoia" airs.
21 February
L&O: "A Losing Season" airs.
23 February
SVU: "Countdown" airs.
28 February
L&O: "Swept Away - A Very Special Episode" airs.


2 March
SVU: "Runaway" airs.
14 March
L&O: "Bronx Cheer" airs.
21 March
L&O: "Ego" airs.
23 March
SVU: "Folly" airs.


4 April
L&O: "White Lie" airs.
18 April
L&O: "Whiplash" airs.
20 April
SVU: "Manhunt" airs.
27 April
SVU: "Parasites" airs.


2 May
L&O: "All My Children" airs.
4 May
SVU: "Pique" airs.
9 May
L&O: "Brother's Keeper" airs.
11 May
SVU: "Scourge" airs.
16 May
L&O :"School Daze" airs.
23 May
L&O: "Judge Dread" airs.
L&O:"Deep Vote" airs.


11 September
2,977 Americans die after 19 al-Qaeda terrorists hijack four airliners in a suicide attack. Two planes are deliberately crashed into the World Trade Center. Both towers would later collapse. Another plane crashed into the Pentagon. Another plane aimed at Washington DC crashed in Pennsylvania after the passengers attempted to take down the hijackers.
26 September
L&O: "Who Let the Dogs Out?" airs.
28 September
SVU: "Repression" airs.
30 September
CI: "One" airs.


3 October
L&O: "Armed Forces" airs.
5 October
SVU: "Wrath" airs.
7 October
CI: "Art" airs.
10 October
L&O: "For Love or Money" airs.
12 October
SVU: "Stolen" airs.
14 October
CI: "Smothered" airs.
17 October
CI: "The Faithful" airs.
19 October
SVU: "Rooftop" airs.
21 October
CI: "Jones" airs.
24 October
L&O: "Soldier of Fortune" airs.
26 October
SVU: "Tangled" airs.
28 October
CI: "The Extra Man" airs.
31 October
L&O: "Possession" airs.


2 November
SVU: "Redemption" airs.
7 November
L&O: "Formerly Famous" airs.
9 November
SVU: "Sacrifice" airs.
11 November
CI: "Poison" airs.
14 November
L&O: "Myth of Fingerprints" airs.
16 November
SVU: "Inheritance" airs.
18 November
CI: "The Pardoner's Tale" airs.
21 November
L&O: "The Fire This Time" airs.
23 November
SVU: "Care" airs.
25 November
CI: "The Good Doctor" airs.
28 November
L&O: "3 Dawg Night" airs.


9 December
CI: "Enemy Within" airs.
12 December
L&O: "Prejudice" airs.
14 December
SVU: "Ridicule" airs.

2001 in the Law & Order Universe


24 April
Gia Eskas was sexual abused repeatedly by her uncle George Zane on her fourteenth birthday. (SVU: "Educated Guess")


10 September
A young girl, Aretha Green, is reported as missing. (SVU: "Tangled Strands Of Justice")
11 September

Other events


27 May
Izabela Vidovic is born.


24 September
Clare Foley is born.


23 October
Mina Sundwall is born.
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