Law and Order
Law and Order



10 January
SVU "Plastic" airs.
17 January
SVU "Dear Ben" airs.
31 January
SVU "A Story of More Woe" airs.


7 February
SVU "Part 33" airs.
14 February
SVU "Brothel" airs.
21 February
SVU "Facing Demons" airs.

March []

14 March
SVU "Missing" airs.
21 March
SVU "Blackout" airs.


4 April
SVU "Dearly Beloved" airs.
11 April
SVU "The Good Girl" airs.
25 April
SVU "Exchange" airs.


2 May
SVU "Diss" airs.
9 May
SVU "Assumptions" airs.
16 May
SVU "End Game" airs.





26 September
SVU "I'm Going To Make You a Star" airs.


3 October
SVU "The Darkest Journey Home" airs.
10 October
SVU "Down Low In Hell's Kitchen" airs.
17 October
SVU "The Burden Of Our Choices" airs.
24 October
SVU "At Midnight In Manhattan" airs.
31 October
SVU "Murdered at a Bad Address" airs.


7 November
SVU "Counselor, It's Chinatown" airs.
14 November
SVU "We Dream Of Machine Elves" airs.
21 November
SVU "Can't Be Held Accountable" airs.


1 December
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic begins with the first person being diagnosed in Wuhan, China. The virus has put nearly every country into lockdown, resulting in many events being cancelled throughout 2020, venues where mass gatherings occurs being closed down indefinitely, strict restrictions being put into place for residential and community lots with some being closed down indefinitely or for good, almost every film and television series production being halted or stopped for good, stock markets hitting record lows, employment levels being at an all time low, countries such as Australia and New Zealand closing their borders to interstate residents as well as foreign countries amongst many other things. As of February 7, 2021, over 2.3 million people have died from the virus worldwide.
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