The 29th Precinct of the New York City Police Department is a unit based in Manhattan. They were the second precinct to find the body of Walter Czabo; he'd been found by the 35th Precinct first, but the officers who found him had moved him to the 2-9's territory because they thought he was an unfortunate wino and didn't want to have to fill out the paperwork. (CI: "My Good Name")

The 2-9 later came under investigation when a drug dealer named Carlos Torres is brutally sodomized with a plunger in the bathroom of the precinct which caused his death. The killer turns out to be Luke Edmunds with the help of his partner Les Cooper. It is later revealed that they murdered other drug dealers, but for different reasons. Edmunds did it to avenge the death of his little brother and Cooper did it because an imprisoned drug dealer named Hector Ramirez paid him to do the killings. (SVU: "Rotten")

Known Personnel

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