CI, Episode 6.16
Production number: 06016
First aired: 27 February 2007
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Josh Lemle
Teleplay By
Charlie Rubin

Story By
Charlie Rubin & Warren Leight

Directed By
Andre Belgrader & Jean de Segonzac

A friend of Logan's sneaks out of a hospital toxicology unit to report a murder: his own.


At first reporter Josh Lemle thought he was poisoned for a story he was doing on an oil pipeline in Europe involving government corruption. It turns out the true target was his long-time friend and sometimes lover, Rebecca Slater. Eventually, Rebecca is murdered, as is the hitman who murdered her. We never find out who the true suspects were and before he dies, Logan comforts Josh by saying Rebecca had let Josh know about her online files on purpose in case she was ever killed so he would be alive to write her story.


Main cast

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(Logan and Wheeler arrive at a safe house where they expected to encounter Rebecca Slater, but find her dead from a gunshot wound)

Megan Wheeler: CSU's on its way with the ME...
Mike Logan: Poor Josh. Last thing he needs to hear is that he outlived Rebecca.

Artie Ableson: Naive Sarah Myers, in her glorious Palestinian solidarity red scarf, was set up to be martyred.
Danny Ross: Then why wouldn't you and your PAC or the state of Israel want the whole world to know that?
Artie Ableson: Because if people dig around, they're also gonna learn that Sarah Myers was a mole for Mossad. Israeli secret service.

Danny Ross: The Israelis inadvertently shot their own spy, and created a martyr for the Palestinians?
Artie Ableson: Mmm. (grim smile) Tell me that doesn't say Middle East all over it.

Background information and notes

  • The title "30" is also used to designate the end of a wire news story. In the context of the episode, it is used to signify the end of Lemle's life, as he was a reporter.

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