"41 Shots"
TBJ, Episode 1.02
Production number: 5707
First aired: 4 March 2005
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Written By
Walon Green

Directed By
Caleb Deschanel

A police officer is executed by a career criminal, but A.D.A.'s Kibre and Gaffney must disregard the fact that the accused was shot 41 times by police.




Main cast

Guest cast


29th Precinct; Charlie's Diner


"They got him!"

- Lennie Briscoe

"Once again, I concede defeat."
"Last case we had was a hung jury."
"That wasn't what I was talking about."

- Mike LaSalle and Tracey Kibre

Background information and notes

Briscoe They Got Him

They got him!

41 Shots Error

Annabella Sciorra and Tony Bill...?!

  • This episode is the last film project for actor Jerry Orbach (Detective Lennie Briscoe). Orbach was so ill during the time of the recording of this episode, that he could barely speak above a whisper. Thus his final line of dialogue had to be rewritten; at the trial of a cop-killer, NYPD members had been barred from the courtroom, and they were waiting outside with Det. Briscoe. After Lennie (peering in through the door) learned of the guilty verdict, he turned and whispered to the cops "They got him!"
  • Performers Tony Bill and Annabella Sciorra make an accidental appearance in this episode. After Judge Amanda Anderlee enters the courtroom, at the point right before everyone is seated, you can see a scene from the first episode. You can clearly make out Bill and Sciorra standing behind the table for the defense.
  • After playing Assistant District Attorney, and later Defense Attorney, Jamie Ross on Law & Order, actress Carey Lowell appears as a Judge in this episode.
  • Actor David Lipman makes a crossover appearance as Judge Morris Torledsky in this episode. He played the same character on the original Law & Order.
  • The title refers to the 41 times that a 23-year-old immigrant, Amadou Diallo, was hit by police fire. Diallo was unarmed at the time of the shooting, and a firestorm of controversy erupted subsequent to the event as the circumstances of the shooting prompted outrage both within and outside New York City. Issues such as police brutality, racial profiling, and contagious shooting were central to the ensuing controversy. The four officers involved were part of the now-defunct Street Crimes Unit. All of the officers were exonerated by jury trial of any wrongdoing.

Episode scene cards

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Grand Jury Room
Tuesday, September 14

Home of
Raymond & Elena Hernandez
Forest Hills, Queens
Tuesday, September 14

Supreme Court
Trial Part 87
Arraignment Hearing
Thursday, September 23

29th Precinct
Records Room
Wednesday, October 13

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Charlie's Diner
Flatbush, Brooklyn
Monday, October 18

NYPD Recreational Facility
Thursday, October 21

Supreme Court
Trial Part 87
Monday, November 1

Supreme Court
Trial Part 87
Tuesday, November 9

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