The 55th Precinct of the NYPD is a unit based near the Hudson University campus. Back in 1968, they were in charge of investigating the rape of Serena Benson. Years later, Detective John Munch from the Manhattan Special Victims Unit visited the 5-5 in order to borrow the notes from that case to help Serena's daughter, Olivia Benson, determine who the rapist was, as she realized that he would have been her father. (SVU: "Bad Blood")

In the early 1990s, Olivia Benson served at the 55th Precinct as a probationary patrol officer, where she was trained by Sergeant Karen Smythe. During this time, she became acquainted with a prostitute named Jeannie Kerns. (SVU: "Paranoia", "Dreams Deferred")

After his demotion in 2012, Brian Cassidy was stationed at the 55th Precinct and worked the night shift at the Bronx courthouse. (SVU: "Undercover Blue") In 2013, he briefly transferred to the 12th Precinct before regaining his gold shield and being assigned to the Internal Affairs Bureau. (SVU: "Internal Affairs", "Rapist Anonymous")