The 74th Precinct of the New York City Police Department, located on 106th Street, is the headquarters for the Auxiliary Police Unit and the Organized Crime Unit, and is notable for having a number of Army Reservists in its ranks. The precinct is commanded by Captain Barbara Pierce.

In 2005, the 74th came under investigation after one of its officers, Tommy Callahan, attacked his wife after returning from a tour of duty in Afghanistan. He'd always had problems with his wife, so initially, he was just given desk duty, but after he attacked Captain Pierce, he was committed to a psych ward, where he soon after committed suicide. The investigation revealed that Callahan's behavior was due to his taking Quinium, a malaria vaccine with serious side effects. (SVU: "Goliath")

In 2008, the auxiliaries came under investigation after one of them, Officer Rodchenko, killed accountant Maria Soriano during a pro-immigration protest at Prospect Park. (L&O: "Illegal")

Known Personnel