Law and Order
"A Losing Season"
L&O, Episode 11.14
Production number: E1322
First aired: 21 February 2001
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Written By
Barry Schindel & Wendy Battles

Directed By
Jace Alexander


After a pregnant woman is found wounded in the trunk of a car, the investigation leads to a case involving a basketball star.


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People's Bank of Harlem
142 West 116th Street
Monday, November 22

Office of
Ray King
177 West 23rd Street
Tuesday, November 23

Westside Athletic Center
4236 Tenth Avenue
Monday, November 29

4 5 6

Office of
Team Security
New York Cheetahs
Tuesday, December 21

Supreme Court
Trial Part 32
Tuesday, February 15

Supreme Court
Trial Part 32
Friday, February 18

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"A Losing Season"
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Season 11
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