"A Misunderstanding"
SVU, Episode 17.12
Production number: 17012
First aired: 20 January 2016
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Written By
Céline C. Robinson

Directed By
Mariska Hargitay


A murky he-said, she-said date rape case ruins the futures of two high school students.


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Olivia: The world is changing. We need new rules.
Dobbs: They made Chris look like Harry Potter.
Olivia: We've seen this before. The nerd defense.
Dobbs (about Rollins' baby, Jesse): Wow, she's beautiful.
Rollins: Not at 4:00 AM she's not.

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Apartment of
Ellen and Dennis Roberts
65 East 68th Street
Friday, January 15

Supreme Court
Part 13
Monday, January 18

Supreme Court
Part 13
Wednesday, January 20

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"Townhouse Incident"
"A Misunderstanding"
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Season 17
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"Forty-One Witnesses"
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