Law and Order
Law and Order
"A Murderer Among Us"
CI, Episode 3.07
Production number: E4512
First aired: 9 November 2003
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Teleplay By
Diana Son

Story By
Diana Son & René Balcer

Directed By
Steve Shill

A suicide case of an immigrant turns out to be a murder case, after the husband's history of violence comes to light.


Lena Brody, wife of Lance Brody and mother of Claire Brody; she is found dead in the bathroom of her home. Detectives Robert Goren and Lynn Bishop arrive at the crime scene, they discover that Lena committed suicide by cutting her wrists, but also, they discover that she bruises, which means that she had a fight with her husband, the reason, she threw one of the boats Lance's collectibles, which later turns out to have been hidden by Lena. Goren and Bishop decide to interview Lance, who denies all the questions and takes them out of his house, the detectives have him as the main suspect

Goren and Bishop decide to go to the Brooklyn Home for Jewish Elders where Lena works, there are, they discover two things: The first is that Lance used to observe his wife from the balcony and hated a dinner with Jewish people, the second is that they discover a murder, thanks to Mr Seligman

The victim of that murder was Sam Lando. When Goren, Bishop, along with Captain Deakins and A.D.A Carver, further investigate the case, they discover that seven other murders occurred, all of which were linked to Lance Brody, concluding that Lance is a serial killer of Jews.

After they discover a license number on a work overalls, they decide to talk to Richie Prescott, Richie tells them that Lena had asked for that number. Detectives come to the conclusion that Lena discovered the murders of her husband, so she decided to put the pieces together.

Later, Robert and Lynn head to the home of Joy Brody, Lance's sister. There, they discover the reason why Lance hates Jews, the chief of the tribe raped her mother and she began to like Jews. Also, they find out that Lena was Jewish, since she used Jewish words like "force"

The detectives take Claire to her father's workplace. Goren shows him a report of Lena's parents, who were Jewish and changed their last names to enter the Argentine community. Hearing this, Lance quickly leaves his office, his daughter and the detectives follow him, Goren tries to make Brody confess, first he tells him about his mother's rape, saying how she loved the "forbidden fruit", this makes Lance I tried to grab a tube to attack Robert, but he grabs him first, second, he begins to attack Lance, without hurting him, Goren begins to tell him the names of the Jews he killed and how he made Brody kill them; Lastly, he shows her Sam Lando's license plate number, Brody grabs him and tells him that he's not the right one. With the words he said, the cops arrest Lance Brody for murder, Brody asks Claire to help him, but upon seeing the truth about her father, Claire leaves. Lynn tells Robert that Lena got what she wanted, but at what cost


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  • Argentina
  • Brooklyn Home for the Jewish Aged


"He killed her over a toy boat?"
"Yeah, men get very attached to toys."

- G. Lynn Bishop and Robert Goren

(Goren is examining the toy boat) "Something's broken off the top. Maybe a flag."
"We're going to look for it, aren't we?"

- Robert Goren and G. Lynn Bishop

"If it's all right, I'd like to go with you."
"Sure, you can carry me up the stairs."

- G. Lynn Bishop and Alexandra Eames

"The cuts are on the backs of her hands. If she was defending herself..."
"You mean if she was defending herself like a girl. What if she was defending herself like a boxer."
"Score one for the new kid."

- Robert Goren, G. Lynn Bishop and Elizabeth Rodgers

Background information and notes[]

  • The title of this episode, "A Murderer Among Us", is a play on "A Stranger Among Us", the title of a 1992 murder mystery film.

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