Aaron Solomon
Name Aaron Solomon
Title Defense Attorney
Chief Counsel (former)
Affiliation Disciplinary Committee (former)
Occupation Attorney
Status Alive
Actor John Benjamin Hickey
First Appearance "DR 1-102"
Last Appearance "Profiteer"

Aaron Solomon is a defense attorney and a chief counsel most notable for prosecuting Serena Southerlyn for an ethics violation.

History[edit | edit source]

He was originally a defense attorney before he switched jobs and became a staff attorney for the Chief Counsel. When ADA Serena Southerlyn is accused of violating DR 1-102 in the Raymond Hobbs case where she talked to Hobbs who was holding a woman at knifepoint under the impression that she was his attorney, Solomon is assigned the case and moves to get Southerlyn disbarred.

At the disciplinary committee he calls Raymond Hobbs and he testifies to everything that happened. After Southerlyn testifies in her own defense, Solomon got her to admit she gave her driver's license and bar association card but not her DA's badge and committed a lie of omission when talking to Hobbs. He also paints the picture that she was concerned with preserving evidence in her case, not with human life. Solomon then calls DA Nora Lewin to the stand as an expert witness and despite EADA Jack McCoy's objections, who was representing Southerlyn at the hearing, the committee allows Solomon to question her.

On the stand Lewin tries her best not to answer his questions directly, but Solomon gets her to admit attorneys can't substitute the rules with their judgement and would except consequences to breaking these rules. After McCoy gets Lewin to confess that she would have done the same thing in Southerlyn's situation, Solomon counters that by getting Lewin to say even if she broke the rule in question, she would still expect to be punished for doing it. After Solomon and McCoy deliver their closing arguments, the committee decides while Southerlyn was in violation of DR 1-102a subsection 4 they will recommend she not get disbarred and instead put a private reprimand in her file. (L&O: "DR 1-102")

Solomon later returned to private practice sometime after Southerlyn's hearing. (L&O: "C.O.D.")

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