Law and Order
"Acceptable Loss"
SVU, Episode 14.04
Production number: 14005
First aired: 17 October 2012
First aired (US): 17 October 2012
First aired (UK): 6 November 2012
First aired (CAN): 18 October 2012
First aired (AUS): 25 October 2012
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Written By
Ed Zuckerman

Directed By
Alex Chapple


When the SVU Detectives try to take down a sex trafficking ring, they find evidence in a terrorism investigation led by Lieutenant Alexandra Eames.


With Captain Cragen back in the precinct, the SVU squad is in full force and working to expose a sex trafficking operation that enslaves young women. The detectives are on the verge of cracking the case when their efforts are halted by Lieutenant Alexandra Eames, forcing Detective Benson to get creative with the investigation.


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Cragen: If they want to fire me, they know where to find me.

Eames: They all have a reason. Something.
Olivia: And that's how you break them. Get them to tell their story.
Eames: Isn't that how you do it?
Olivia: Well, I don't normally do it leaning over sideways. [mimicks the lean; she and Eames laugh]
Eames: I learned that from my partner at Major Case. It was his way of keeping eye contact.
Olivia: It's a little eccentric.
Eames: You have no idea.

Background information and Notes

  • Alexandra Eames's appearance on SVU makes this episode the first SVU/CI crossover, though Criminal Intent had ended the year before. Also, Warren Leight was the executive producer of Criminal Intent's season 6 and season 7.
    • Robert Goren, Eames's longtime partner from Criminal Intent, is only mentioned as her "old partner" and not by name. It is also mentioned that he had moved on from Major Case and broke up their partnership and so that is why she moved on as well.
    • Another Goren reference would be seen when Eames uses Goren's famous head nod during an interrogation she and Benson are taking part in, which Eames mentions is something she picked up from her old partner.
    • Actress Kelli Giddish had previous guest-starred on a Criminal Intent episode with Eames, "Depths".

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Hallet's Cove
Long Island City, Queens
Wednesday, August 22

Nighthawk Diner
191 East 30th Street
Wednesday, August 22

Promenade Hotel
144 West 57th Street
Thursday, August 23

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"Acceptable Loss"
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