SVU, Episode 20.05
Production number: 20005
First aired: 18 October 2018
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Written By
Julie Martin & Brianna Yellen

Directed By
Jean de Segonzac


A member of a woman's empowerment group is found murdered, leading the Special Victims Unit to the group's charismatic male leader. Meanwhile, Rollins keeps her pregnancy under wraps to avoid going on desk duty.




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Olivia: [to Lilah] Well, not that it matters, but I run my unit.
Lilah Finch: But who runs you?

Olivia: [to Lilah while visiting her in jail] You know, most of the women in here are in here because they believed a man's lies. Ask them. They'll be happy to tell you.

Brad: Look, she told me I was holding her back. She's an unemployed public school teacher, for Christ's sakes.
Fin: And what? You're writing your Nobel Prize speech?

Olivia: [to Arlo Beck] You know what the worst thing is? What really pisses me off is not that you conned women out of their own money. It's not that you convince women that it's in their best interest to sleep with you. It's not that you demean women or humiliate women. What really disgusts me is that you make women feel good about themselves. Empowered. Addicted to feeling invincible. You know, I can see that you're intelligent. Empathetic. So, you make women feel safe. They feel heard. And because they trust you, they share their deepest insecurities, their weaknesses, with you. And then you use those vulnerabilities to destroy them. You, Mr. Beck, are the worst kind of predator there is.

Background Information and Notes

  • The episode was based off of the NXIVM cult scandal involving Allison Mack and Keith Rainere. Top ranking NXIVM members Rainere and Mack, alongside others, are currently under trial for allegations of sex trafficking, fraud, forced labor, and other charges. According to sources, Rainere and Mack ran a group of female sex slaves within the cult, called DOS. Members of DOS were branded on their hips next to their pelvic areas.

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