SVU, Episode 11.22
Production number: 11022
First aired: 5 May 2010
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Dr. Elroy Ace
Written By
Jonathan Greene

Directed By
David Platt


When a pregnant woman is raped, Detectives Olivia Benson and Elliot Stabler arrive at the hospital to find that she has fled. Even when someone is arrested for a similar offense, ADA Jo Marlowe says she does not have a case in court unless they find the victim and get a statement from her. Soon, Benson and Stabler connect the woman to an illegal adoption operation, forcing them to go undercover and expose the truth.

They are successful in getting the baby and Cragen and Finn lead a SWAT team that rescues the mother and captures the suspects, though Cragen is forced to kill one to save the mother Sophia. Sophia is later murdered and the doctor who worked on her initially refuses to talk, but later secretly works with Marlowe, Judge Quinn and Trevor Langan against his attorney. Dr. Stephen Elroy reveals where a murdered woman's body is, but as he learned it from his attorney it is not admissible and is thrown out along with his deal. As a surprise, Marlowe brings in Sophia, revealing that the Federal Government had learned of the attempt on her life and faked her death.

Sophia is now eager to testify and confronts her attacker, Anton Petrov, a wanted assailant from Bulgaria and New York serial killer. Petrov is sent to prison for life, whilst Dr. Elroy is put into witness protection with his deal restored, and Sophia's family is brought to the US for protection from Petrov's people in Bulgaria. Sophia is granted asylum in the US while her baby, Aleksander, is already a US citizen as he was born in the US and he doesn't need it.


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Benson: Looks like Lili left her brains behind.
Stabler: Well, who the hell took her body?

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U.S. Immigration and
Customs Enforcement
26 Federal Plaza
Tuesday, April 20

Office of
Dr. Stephen Elroy
58 West 19th Street
Wednesday, April 21

Butler Residence
73 West 87th Street
Wednesday, April 21

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Butler Residence
73 West 87th Street
Thursday, April 22

Arraignment Court
Part 47
Friday, April 23

Supreme Court
Evidence Suppression Hearing
Part 37
Wednesday, April 28

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