Adam Beach
Lake Fight
Detective Chester Lake
Date of birth
11 November 1972
Place of birth
Ashern, Manitoba, Canada
IMDb profile

Adam Beach is an actor who played Detective Chester Lake in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Beach made guest appearances as Detective Lake in the season eight episodes "Outsider" and "Screwed". His first, and only, season as a regular cast member was season nine.

Beach commented on the show in a 2013 interview which was later reprinted in the May/June 2017 interview he did for Cowboys & Indians Magazine: "When non-Native actors play Native roles, Hollywood is telling the world that we're not good enough to star as our own people. What was so amazing about my role as a Mohawk on [SVU] was that the series creator Dick Wolf acknowledged that New York City was constructed by a lot of Mohawk iron workers, so why not bring in a truthful character who represents that history and is also a well-respected detective."