Agnes Linsky
Agnes Linsky
Name Agnes Linsky
Occupation Student
Pathology Murderer
School shooter
Family Pat Linsky (father)
Unnamed mother (deceased)
Troy Linsky (brother)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Lindsay Hollister
First Appearance "Mean"

Agnes Linsky was an overweight eighteen-year-old student at Tanner Day Academy.


Agnes lost her mother when she was only nine years old. She stayed behind with her father Pat and her brother Troy. Agnes was a target for many bullies at her school, Tanner Day Academy. The worst offender was Emily Sullivan. Her father attempted to file a restraining order against Emily, but the judge did not find any merit to their claims. Principal Andrew Kilgore agreed with this conclusion and did not protect Agnes against the bullies. However, according to Agnes, he favored the popular girls above her. When Emily was murdered, she was relieved, but the relief was short-lived.

Emily's friend Brittany O'Malley claimed that Agnes was the murderer and acted accordingly. Brittany took pictures of Agnes while she was changing in the locker room, and send them around to other classmates. The detectives from the Special Victims Unit later discovered that Brittany and her friends and associates, Andrea Kent and Paige Summerbee, were the ones responsible for the murder. Agnes hoped that with their convictions, the bullying would be over, but she was wrong. That same day, an upperclassman wrote degrading messages about her. This was the final straw for Agnes, as she shot the upperclassman to death, and was arrested. (SVU: "Mean")

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