L&O, Episode 9.05
Production number: E0216
First aired: 4 November 1998
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Briscoe Carmichael Agony
Written By
Kathy McCormick

Directed By
Constantine Makris


After the detectives find a murdered postman and a woman who was left for dead in her apartment, the investigation leads to a serial killer and a surprise.


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[Carmichael wants to break the law to convict a serial killer]
McCoy: The New York County District Attorney's Office can't - no, won't - knowingly convict a man of the wrong crime. What are you thinking?
Carmichael: I'm just taking a page from the Jack McCoy playbook! Nobody gets to bend the rules but you?
McCoy: I've bent the rules to convict the right person of the right crime. This isn't bending, it's turning the law against itself.
Carmichael: You once hid a witness to get the result you wanted!
McCoy: And I was wrong then. You're wrong now. Don't wait until until you're facing a disciplinary committee to realize it!

Carmichael: A week from tomorrow, you'll be on a plane, sandwiched between 2 of Houston's finest.
Bergstrom: [panicked] You can't do this!
Carmichael: You'll have a speedy trial. Your lawyer will file a couple of appeals. He'll lose. And before you know it, bang, there's that pesky needle.
Bergstrom: [to McCoy] What are you doing? You're just sitting there. Make her shut up!
McCoy: Miss Carmichael...
Carmichael: I'm not done. I'm going to be there, and if they'd let me do it, I'd push one of the plungers, and pray it's the one that delivers the fatal dose.
Bergstrom: Get her out of here! Get her out!
Carmichael: How does it feel, Mr. Bergstrom? You killed all those women, and now a woman is going to return the favor.
Bergstrom: You won't...
Carmichael: Pretty damn ironic, isn't it?
Bergstrom: You won't kill me, I won't let you.
Carmichael: Try and stop me.
Bergstrom: I'll plead to one of the other ones. The one by the train tracks.
Lazar: Hang on...
McCoy: Murder-1, life without parole.
Lazar: Mr. Bergstrom...
Bergstrom: Yeah, okay! She doesn't say what happens to me!
Carmichael: [pause] Fine. If you change your mind, I'll be waiting...
Bergstrom: No, you sit! You listen to what I did to her. [with relish] I cut her, and she screamed. I burned her, and she screamed louder. I pushed my fist into her, and she passed out. I made her say she admired me. I had total control. Total.

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