Al Pollack
Name Al Pollack
Occupation Doctor
Family Billie Rollins (daughter with Amanda Rollins)
Status Alive
Actor George Newbern
First Appearance "Man Up"
Last Appearance "A Story of More Woe"

Al Pollack is a doctor and the ex-boyfriend of Amanda Rollins.


Pollack is first mentioned in "Service", after Amanda says to a rape victim that he cheated on her with a prostitute. He is later seen in "Man Up", asking Amanda for a second chance and saying he will remain faithful to her. Amanda responds that she will think about it. Amanda finally decides to give her relationship with Pollack a second chance in "Zero Tolerance" after he takes her out to dinner.

It was confirmed in "Accredo" that he is the father of Amanda's second child. While out for dinner with Rollins one night in "Mea Culpa", Pollack suggested they move in together, but Rollins had mixed feelings about that prospect. In "A Story of More Woe", Pollack arrived at the hospital when Rollins's water broke and proposed to her, but Rollins, stunned, doesn't respond. Later, Rollins decided to break up with Pollack, saying she didn't love him. Pollack admitted he was "disappointed" that Rollins turned him down, but said he was glad he met her and was proud that they had a baby together.