Al Pollack
Name Al Pollack
Occupation Doctor
Family Billie Rollins (daughter with Amanda Rollins)
Status Alive
Actor George Newbern
First Appearance "Man Up"
Last Appearance "A Story of More Woe"

Al Pollack is a doctor and the ex-boyfriend of Amanda Rollins.


Al was first mentioned after Amanda told a rape victim that he cheated on her with a prostitute. (SVU: "Service")

Al later traveled to New York City and took Amanda out for lunch. He asked Amanda to give him a second chance and said he will remain faithful to her. After informing him she would do some thinking, Amanda saw Al giving a waitress his number when she took a toilet break, angering her. (SVU: "Man Up")

Al visited Amanda in her apartment one night. She mentioned the waitress, and Al explained that her mother was being treated and knew he was a doctor. He later suggested to Amanda that she abort their unborn baby, which distressed her. She later decided to give her relationship with Al a second chance, but she firmly told him she will be keeping the baby. (SVU: "Zero Tolerance")

Al later took Amanda out for dinner and suggested they move in together. However, Amanda had mixed feelings about the prospect. (SVU: "Mea Culpa")

When Amanda's water broke, Al arrived at the hospital and became annoyed by the presence of Detective Carisi, though he thanked him for taking her to hospital. He then proposed to Amanda, but she broke up with him, saying she didn't love him anymore. Despite his disappointment, Al accepted her response and said he was still glad he met her and had a baby with her. (SVU: "A Story of More Woe")


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