Al Sapienza
Scott Shea
Tommie Cannizaro
Pete Andretti
E.G. Halliwell
Flaherty's Attorney
Frankie Santoro / Francis Amato
ATF Supervisor
Date of birth
July 31, 1956
Place of birth
New York City, New York, USA
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Al Sapienza (born July 31, 1962) is an American actor, who has had numerous roles in television, stage and film productions. He's perhaps most recognized for his role as Mikey Palmice, Uncle Junior's right-hand man on "The Sopranos" and has had other recurring supporting roles on shows such as "Prison Break", "Brotherhood", "The Border", "Blue Bloods", "Person of Interest", "House of Cards", "Gotham" and the mini-series "Guns" (with Colm Feore) and "Ascension".

Sapienza has guest-starred on shows such as: "Alias", "The O.C.", "24", "CSI: Miami", "In Plain Sight", "Burn Notice", "The Firm", "The Casting Room", "Arrow", "Castle" and "Perception".

He has appeared in films such as both American versions of Godzilla (1998 and 2014 respectively) as well as Pretty Woman, Frankie and Johnny, Animal Instincts II, Ultimate Taboo, Free Willy 2: The Adventure Home, Mr. Stitch, Thick as Thieves, Silicon Towers, Blind Heat, The Hollywood Sign, Bomb the System, Back in the Day, Sharpshooter, Unrivaled, Margin Call, Stealing Roses, Please Kill Mr. Know It All, A Dark Truth, Blue Caprice and Million Dollar Arm.


L&O- Det. Tommie Cannizaro (Al Sapienza) in S11E06 Burn Baby Burn
Scott Shea Officer Tommie Cannizaro (credited as "Officer") Detective Pete Andretti E.G. Halliwell (voiceover)
L&O: "Harm" L&O: "Burn Baby Burn" L&O: "Ain't No Love" CI (videogame)
Flaherty's Attorney Frankie Santoro / Francis Amato ATF Supervisor
CI: "Country Crossover" IPS: "Pilot" SVU: "Smoked"
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