Alana Gonzalez
Alana Gonzalez.jpg
Name Alana Gonzalez
Affiliation New York Police Department
Occupation Police officer
Pathology Assailant
Dirty cop
Family Unnamed sister
Status Imprisoned
Actor Courtney Reed
First Appearance Above Suspicion

Alana Gonzalez is an officer who shot Brian Cassidy under the belief that he was a dangerous criminal, because her sergeant told her she would be promoted for it.

History[edit | edit source]

As Olivia Benson and Cassidy leave Bart Ganzel's apartment, they discover two carjackers attempting to steal Ganzel's car. One carjacker runs away and Olivia gives chase while the other carjacker pulls a gun on Cassidy. Cassidy pulls his gun, an NYPD patrol car arrives and a female officer pulls her gun. Despite Cassidy shouting that he is an undercover officer, the officer ends up shooting him.

The Internal Affairs Bureau learns that the officer who shot Cassidy is Alana Gonzalez, a clean cop who has never had any trouble. Olivia is suspicious because the patrol car arrived too fast and both officers have been coached. Captain Harris agrees with Olivia and they decide to investigate on their own. While questioned, Alana claims that she didn't know that Cassidy was a police officer, but Rollins says they know it was an arranged shooting and Alana will go to prison unless she cooperates. Alana reveals that her sergeant told her that Cassidy was armed and dangerous and she would get a promotion if she "took him out". It was also revealed that she was having an affair with her sergeant. (SVU: "Above Suspicion")

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