Law and Order
Law and Order
CI, Episode 6.13
Production number: 06011
First aired: 6 February 2007
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Teleplay By
Marsha Norman

Story By
Marsha Norman & Warren Leight

Directed By
Frank Prinzi


When a Judge participating in a reenactment of the Burr-Hamilton duel is killed for real, it is apparent that the shooter is extremely skilled, having fired his rifle from over a mile away. When Goren and Eames discover that the participants had switched roles without telling anyone beforehand, they begin to investigate the wife of the surviving participant, who is a well-known female politician. Eames, having admired her trailblazing role, questions the course of the investigation.


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Background information and notes[]

  • The opening track played in the intro is Under Pressure by David Bowie.

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