Albert Hayes
Name Albert Hayes
Title Al
Occupation Mortgage broker
Pathology Mass murderer
Workplace shooter
Con artist
Family Vanessa Hayes (ex-wife)
Two unnamed sons
Status Executed
Actor Charles Malik Whitfield
First Appearance "El Sereno"

Albert "Al" Hayes is a mass murderer who committed a workplace shooting, killing six of his eight coworkers.


Hayes committed the massacre in order to cover up mortgage applications he illegally inflated and thus avoid loan fraud charges. The massacre was also retribution for perceived racial discrimination, since he was the only African-American in a primarily-Hispanic workplace. He then fled the scene and dumped the gun he used, but it was eventually recovered by police.

Hayes was eventually apprehended following a standoff in which he held his two sons hostage. After a complicated trial in which Hayes's defense was that the Los Angeles Police Department intentionally singled him out as a suspect due to racism, he was found guilty and executed. (LA: "El Sereno")

Known Victims

  • 2010:
    • October 3: The office shooting:
      • Armando Vela (his boss; shot twice in the hand and head)
      • Nancy Meñez
      • Four unnamed people
    • October 8: His two unnamed sons (kidnapped; both were rescued)
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