Alejandro Pavel
Name Alejandro Pavel
Family Unnamed father
Ken Randall (husband)
Jaden (adoptive son)
Odafin Tutuola (father-in-law)
Teresa Randall (mother-in-law)
Darius Parker (half-brother-in-law)
Marisol Pavel (cousin)
Unnamed first cousin once removed
Status Alive
Actor Migs Govea
First Appearance "Learning Curve"

Alejandro Pavel is a gay man married to Ken Randall.


Alejandro was brutally attacked and sodomized by BX9. His future father-in-law Fin Tutuola was able to find and arrest the men who assaulted him and they were sent to prison for a federal hate crime. Alejandro and their other victim were able to positively identify the men, helping to put them in prison. Alejandro suffered a torn rectum and shattered orbital bone with his injuries putting him in a coma at one point. When his father, who had cut off contact with Alejandro after he came out found out about his condition, he kicked Ken out. However, Fin was able to convince Alejandro's father to let Ken back in father to father. Fin later told the unconscious Alejandro about the status of his attackers and welcomed him to the family though he wished they could've met under better circumstances. (SVU: "Learning Curve")

He eventually recovered from his injuries and marries Ken. (SVU: "Sheltered Outcasts") The two planned to adopt a child using a surrogate mother. (SVU: "Intersecting Lives") They eventually succeeded in the adoption. (SVU: "Send In The Clowns")


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