Alesha Phillips
Alesha Phillips
Name Alesha Phillips
Title Solicitor Advocate
Affiliation Crown Prosecution Service
Occupation Senior Crown Prosecutor
Junior Crown Prosecutor (formerly)
Status Alive
Actor Freema Agyeman
First Appearance "Care"
Last Appearance "Fault Lines"

Alesha Phillips was a recurring character on Law & Order: UK.


Alesha Phillips works as a Junior Crown Prosecutor on the Crown Prosecution Service, and works closely alongside James Steel as his assistant and bridging the gap between the police and the CPS.

Phillips grew up on a council estate in Hackney, with her single mother and attended university on scholarships and hard work. After being rejected from four different law firms, Phillips became worried about whether it was because of her credentials, or because she was a black woman from a poor neighborhood. Definitively on the side of the disadvantaged and the underdog, her background gives her an insight into how legal issues play out at street level. Unlike James, Alesha understands that desperate circumstances can shape people's lives and that the truth is murky, complex and sometimes unhelpful. Phillips brings the empathy and shades of gray to her working relationship with Steel. Alesha's mission is to give a voice to the disenfranchised, the people who are rarely heard. She's not afraid to speak her mind, even when it gets her in trouble. She has a ferocious intellect, allied with enormous passion.

While Phillips works as a crown prosecutor, because she trained as a solicitor, her title is "solicitor advocate"; as such, she doesn't wear the wig, because she didn't train as a barrister.

It is revealed in the season 7 premiere episode that Alesha has left her role as a Crown Prosecutor in London to become a Senior Crown Prosecutor in the Northwest.


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