Alex Muñoz
Name Alex Muñoz
Affiliation New York City
Occupation State senator
Pathology Corrupt politician
Family Yelina Muñoz (wife)
Two unnamed daughters
Status Imprisoned
Actor Vincent Laresca
First Appearance "October Surprise"

Alejandro Muñoz was a New York State Senator, who was caught in a sexting scandal while running for Mayor of New York City.


While growing up in the Bronx or El Barrio, Alex Muñoz became close friends with Eddie Garcia and Rafael Barba, who used to idolize him. Eventually Muñoz married Yelina Muñoz and they had three daughters. Later on Muñoz became a state senator of New York. While serving as a politician Muñoz would sext with multiple women and would then help them get jobs working for the government, one women he sexted with was Anna Pretard, who formally worked as a porn star, who after telling Muñoz about her child was made executive of the NY Gaming Commission courtesy of him and another women sexted with was a former stripper named Jenny, who as a result also got a job in the government. Eventually Muñoz began campaigning for the position of mayor and gained much support by claiming that he was going to improve the schools and support the working class. Muñoz also began sexting with a fifteen-year-old student named Jodie Lanier and had his brother-in-law send her money.

Muñoz also had an affair with a women named Lindsay Anderson, when Anderson threatened to blackmail him in exchange for money, Muñoz sent his childhood friend Garcia to give her money, which resulted in Anderson making accusations against Garcia when the police are called. When Muñoz learns that Garcia is being prosecuted for rape, he goes to Barba's office and asks him to help Garcia, Muñoz then makes Anderson a U.S. ambassador in Israel in exchange for dropping the rape charge and keeping her affair with him secret. When detectives Nick Amaro and Odafin Tutuola question him about his relationship with Anderson he claims to not know her. Muñoz later has lunch with Barba who informs him that he is being investigated for bribery, when Barba refused to make the charges go away Muñoz tries to make him feel like a sellout.

Eventually when the sexts between him and Lanier are discovered, Barba pulls Muñoz away from an association ball and confronts him about his corruption and that because Lanier is only fifteen-years old, the pictures he has of her are child porn. Barba then tries to offer Muñoz a chance to plea guilty in exchange for dropping out of the election but Muñoz refuses. While holding a press conference outside the courthouse, Muñoz tries to claim that the wealthy people of New York are out to get him and also tries to portray Barba as corrupt. Muñoz is then put on trial for possessing child pornography. (SVU: "October Surprise")

Muñoz's name is later seen on a newspaper after his name is connected to a corruption scandal. (SVU: "Terrorized")