Alexa Pearson
Alexa Pearson.png
Name Alexa Pearson
Title Alexa Smith
Pathology Child pornographer
Serial kidnapper
Con artist
Child abuser
Family Roger Pearson (husband)
Charlie Pearson (son; deceased)
Noah Porter-Benson (adoptive son)
Status Imprisoned
Actor Rosanna Arquette
First Appearance "Wednesday's Child"

Alexa Pearson is a woman who, along with her husband Roger Pearson, kidnapped multiple children and used them to make child pornography.

History[edit | edit source]

After they met and got married, Alexa and Roger started producing child pornography. They were caught at one point and Roger was sent to prison. However, Alexa was able to get parole by telling the police about how she lost a child years ago to fetal alcohol syndrome. Both were also put on the sex offender registry as a result of their offenses. When Roger was released, they started adopting unwanted children and using them to make further child pornography paraphernalia. Among those adopted were a boy named Nicky Moore, who was already legitimately adopted. When Nicky started to suffer from his diabetes, Alexa went to get medicine for him, but was stalled by the pharmacist until the SVU detectives arrived and arrested her.

During interrogation, Alexa claims that she and Roger didn't do anything wrong. When Olivia Benson and Nick Amaro bring up how she lost her child, she eventually tells them where she and Roger were keeping the children, which results in three young girls being rescued and an unnamed baby boy being discovered. When Benson asks Alexa about where she got the baby boy from, she tells her that Roger found him, brought him home for her as a Christmas present, and never planned to use him to make child porn like the others. When Benson and Attorney Pippa Cox show Alexa a picture of Roger walking, she is shocked. When they ask where Roger might be, she tells them his location. Roger is arrested by Detectives Amaro and Odafin Tutuola at a restaurant. Eventually, Nicky is reunited with his adopted parents and the young girls are put into foster care along with the baby boy. Alexa and Roger are both currently in prison for kidnapping, child endangerment, and making and distributing child pornography. (SVU: "Wednesday's Child")

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