Alexander Rausch
Col. Alexander Rausch God and Country.jpg
Name Alexander Rausch
Title Colonel
Affiliation United States Army
Occupation Former soldier
Pathology Double proxy mass murderer
Serial proxy killer
White supremacist
Status Deceased
Actor J.K. Simmons
First Appearance HLOTS: "For God and Country"

Alexander Nathaniel Rausch was a white supremacist and the prime suspect in directing and assisting Brian Egan to commit two gas bombs attacks on African-Americans, in attempts to start a race war.

Rausch was as the only child of his parents born July 21st, 1943 in Amenia, New York. He graduated from West Point, did three tours of duty in Vietnam, and was awarded the Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Distinguished Service Medal.

Just as Rausch was escorted to the train station for extradition back to New York City, he suffered a heart attack and died.

Known Victims[edit | edit source]

  • 1991, Baltimore, Maryland: The Christ Church bombing (committed by Brian Egan; set off a gas bomb):
    • Unnamed African-American boy
    • Unnamed African-American man
    • Four unnamed African American people
  • 1994, Missouri: The car gassing (committed by the unnamed driver; ran over a pothole and accidentally spilled poisonous chemicals):
    • Unnamed driver
    • Unnamed state trooper
  • 1995, New York City, New York: The subway bombing (committed by Brian Egan; set off a gas bomb):
    • Thomas Bell
    • Harvey Brand
    • Kareem Alexander
    • 17 unnamed African-American people
  • 1996, Baltimore, Maryland: Stephanie Egan (injected with a fatal dose of chloroquine down her throat)
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