Alexander Strizhov
Alex Strizkopf
Name Alexander Strizhov
Pathology Triple murderer
Status Deceased
Actor Olek Krupa
First Appearance "Russian Love Poem"

Alexander Strizhov was a Russian immigrant who claimed to have murdered Andrew Harlin.


Alexander was born in Russia. His father drank and smoke and slept with other women in front of his wife in the same bedroom. Despite this, Alexander described him as a good man with a great heart. His mother followed him to Siberia. Alexander brought Tanya Ivanoa to America.

He would later confess to the murder Andrew Harlin, though he was initially cleared because he said he shot him when Harlin was strangled. It was, however, revealed that he did kill Harlin and later Sonya Pietrovicz and her aunt.

When SVU came to arrest him, Alexander explained his actions and confessed to all three murders. He played Russian Roulette until he shot himself. His last words were to express how lucky he was, stating that nothing could hurt him, not even his gun. (SVU: "Russian Love Poem")

Known Victims

  • Andrew Harlin (strangled)
  • Sonya Pietrovicz (hacked with a machete)
  • Sonya's unnamed aunt (hacked with a machete)