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Lieutenant Alexandra Eames was a detective in Manhattan's Major Case Squad and was Robert Goren's partner, though she occasionally worked with Zack Nichols. She later was promoted to Lieutenant and was put on a joint terrorism task force with Homeland Security. (SVU: "Acceptable Loss")


Eames grew up in the Inwood neighborhood of Manhattan. She went to P.S. 121 as a child. (CI: "The Last Street in Manhattan") She came from a family of police officers, including her father Johnny Eames.

Her dad's sister stayed with her family for a year. However, she was a drunk who hit her little brother and was never heard from after that, leading to Eames having an empathetic blind spot towards drunkards. (CI: "Vacancy")

Eames spent three/five years in Vice squad before transferring to Major Case. (CI: "The Insider" said three; "Brother's Keeper" said five) She would eventually be partnered with Robert Goren there; however, she found it hard to work with him and wrote a request for a new partner. She decided to rescinded it though and they went on to work together for over a decade. (CI: "In the Wee Small Hours (Part II)")


She is widowed.[1] Her husband Joe Dutton, who was also a police officer in New York City, was killed in the line of duty. She would find out in 2007 that the man who had been convicted of Joe's murder, Ray Delgado, was actually innocent. The actual murderer turned out to be Manny Beltran, who had decided to become a doctor to assuage his guilt over the murder. (CI: "Amends")

Eames was a surrogate mother for her sister in 2003, giving birth to a boy. (CI: "F.P.S.")

When accused by Goren's nemesis, Nicole Wallace, as having "eggs ripe and ready to hire", Eames cites pregnancy as a "great experience" and that she remains close to her nephew. (CI: "Great Barrier")

While hunting for seems to be a returned serial killer named Sebastian, Eames was abducted from her home late at night. This caused great distress for Goren, which was made worse as the police found Eames' cell phone in the possession of his mentor Declan Gage. She manages to break free of her restraints, though, and gets her hand out of a grate, where she is found by a man walking his dog. She is rescued and is treated at the hospital. Goren then figures out that her kidnapper was Declan's daughter, Jo Gage. (CI: "Blind Spot") She is forced by the department to attend therapy sessions after this. (CI: "Siren Call")

Eames briefly served as the temporary Captain of the MCS after the murder of Captain Danny Ross, however, she resigned after being forced to fire her partner Detective Goren. She did so despite being offered the chance to become the permanent Captain of the MCS. (CI: Loyalty (2))

She (along with Goren) were reinstated to the Major Case Squad a year later. (CI: Rispetto)


At some point, Goren moved on from the Major Case Squard and Eames decides to do the same. She is promoted to Lieutenant and goes on loan to the joint City/Federal Homeland Security Task Force. She encounters the Manhattan Special Victims Unit, when SVU stumbles onto a sex ring run by Louis Pappas and his son Michael, while the Task Force looks for someone in the sex ring who entered the country on a forged visa and has plans to launch a terrorist attack. Eventually, they realize that the terrorist is a woman named Sofia, who pretended to be a sex worker. Eames and Detective Olivia Benson would question Sofia together, with Eames using Goren's tilted head technique. They both go out for a drink when Benson asks Eames why she did that, and Eames responds that it was something she picked up from him while they were at MCS. They also reflect on how they were in partnerships for a long time with men and how it was like they were married to their partners, but they weren't. (SVU: "Acceptable Loss")

Eames would later assist the SVU team with hunting down Gloria Montero by coordinating NYPD and SWAT teams throughout the search and would later assist in background efforts during the standoff between Gloria and Odafin Tutuola. (SVU: "Poisoned Motive")

Officer-involved shootings



  1. Revealed in "The War at Home"

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