Alexis Hanover
Name Alexis Hanover
Occupation Psychologist
Family Leo Hanover (ex-husband)
Dylan Hanover (son)
Status Alive
Actor Amy Hargreaves
First Appearance "The Darkest Journey Home"

Dr. Alexis Hanover is a psychologist who works with the detectives from the Special Victims Unit.


Hanover taught Captain Benson and Detectives Tutuola and Rollins a new interview technique to use with victims. It worked with a rape victim named Raegan James, who initially couldn't remember the details of her attack. (SVU: "The Darkest Journey Home")

Hanover was doing a private therapy session with Rollins when Detective Frank Bucci walked in and held them both hostage as retaliation for Steve Getz not being charged for sexually grooming his teenage daughters Ivy and Milly. (SVU: "Can't Be Held Accountable")

During the hostage situation, Hanover's son Dylan arrived at the clinic, but she sent him away, giving a coded message. Bucci later left with Rollins, keeping Hanover tied up in her office, where she was found by the SVU. Despite this, she decided not to press charges against Bucci. (SVU: "Must Be Held Accountable")


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