SVU, Episode 7.11
Production number: 07002
First aired: 6 December 2005
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Zoe Dunlop & Emma Boyd
Written By
Jose Molina

Directed By
Constantine Makris

What initially starts as an investigation into the stabbing of a young schoolboy leads to concerns for the welfare of the daughter of a lesbian couple and a custody battle for the little girl.


A car races to a hospital and dumps the body of schoolboy Sean Hamill at the entrance before speeding off. Sean is found to have a severe stab wound and this and other injuries results in him being paralyzed from the waist down. Inquiries lead the detectives to Charlie Monaghan, another boy who has previously gotten into trouble with Sean, but it isn't long before their attention turns to Charlie's half-sister Emma Boyd. It turns out that Sean has been tormenting the little girl for months because she has two lesbian mothers. They both attend a Catholic school where homosexuality is frowned upon. When Sean cut Emma's ponytail off with a pair of scissors, she snapped and stabbed him with another pair. Charlie took Sean to the hospital in the principal's car, without the principal's permission, and took the rap on himself by lying to the police in order to protect Emma. The case against Emma for stabbing Sean is later dropped when evidence taken from the school's social networking site backs up the claims that Sean has been bullying her.

After getting a nice deal for Emma's side, Benson and Stabler are thrown for a loop when Emma's mother, Kate Boyd, dies unexpectedly. Kate's parents accuse her partner, Zoe Dunlop, who has never legally adopted Emma, of sexually molesting their granddaughter, and evidence seems to support their claims. However, after sitting in on Benson's interview of the "victim", Huang disagrees, concluding that the "molestation" described by Emma was a legitimate, medical procedure, which her grandparents had manipulated her into believing was something sinister. It is eventually revealed that the grandparents' attorney, James Decker, was responsible for this, as he secretly desired to prove that it is not healthy for children to be brought up in a gay environment. Upon realizing their mistake, the grandparents agree to testify against Decker in exchange for a lesser prison sentence and apologize to Zoe for hurting her. Zoe, who retains custody of Emma, refuses to forgive and forget and announces that she will be denying them access to Emma.


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Lupus, Parental Alienation Syndrome; St. Victor's Academy; American Sociological Association; National Association of Social Workers; American Psychological Association


  • Elliot Stabler: You don't send your kids to military school if you're a pacifist.

  • Mr. Hamill [to the detectives after he discovers that Emma Boyd stabbed his son, Sean]: I don't care if he called her a fag-dyke-whore-bitch from Hell. Arrest her.

  • Millie Vizcarrondo: Found these scissors in the school dumpster.
  • Fin Tutuola: She means I found them, underneath the tuna casserole. All she did was stand there and point.

  • Olivia Benson: You filled Emma's head with lies to keep her away from her mother...
  • Deborah Boyd: Her mother is dead...Zoe is ruining my granddaughter's life - it's our moral duty to protect her!
  • Elliot Stabler: Try following the Eighth Commandment: "Thou shalt not bear false witness."

Background information and notes

The first part of the episode addresses how after constant bullying, people will eventually snap.

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Apartment of
Deb & Oliver Boyd
270 West 79th Street
Monday, October 17

St. Victor's
Catholic School
371 Ninth Avenue
Tuesday, October 18

Clinton Hospital
603 West 57th Street
Tuesday, October 18

Home of
Father Justin Miller
330 Ninth Avenue
Wednesday, October 19

Apartment of
Kate Boyd & Zoe Dunlop
553 West 29th Street
Wednesday, October 19

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Family Court
Part 12
Friday, October 21

Family Court
Part 12
Monday, October 24

Apartment of
Kate Boyd & Zoe Dunlop
553 West 29th Street
Monday, October 24

Trial Part 83
Tuesday, November 22

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