Alistar Woodford
Name Alistar Woodford
Occupation Ballet teacher
Pathology Stalker
Status Imprisoned
Actor Patrick Page
First Appearance "Dance, Lies and Video Tape"

Alistar Woodford is a stalker who uploaded private videos of intimacy between two of his ballet dancers to a porn website without their consent.


After the videos came to the attention of the Special Victims Unit, the detectives were led to Alistar, who asked the detectives not to make a fuss due to his upcoming show. The SVU soon discovered that Alistar was a serial predator who took advantage of his dancers, using them for porn videos, most of the time without the females' permission, as well as using some of them as prostitutes.

After an undercover operation in which Hasim Khaldun paid for sex from one of Alistar's dancers, Alistar was arrested for his actions and imprisoned. (SVU: "Dance, Lies and Video Tape")

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