"All In"
CI, Episode 8.13
Production number:
First aired: 19 July 2009
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Detectives Goren and Eames All In
Teleplay By
Pamela J. Wechsler, Antoinette Stella, & Walon Green

Story By
Pamela J. Wechsler

Directed By
David Manson


When poker genius Josh loses $80,000 in a card game, his bookie forces him into collections to work off the losses; when Josh, expecting a blank, fires a gun while collecting money, a real bullet comes out of the weapon.


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast


Penelope Snow; Tommy Snow; Atlantic City; Joey Frost


Josh Snow: 30K... What is that? Kid's private school? Wife's trip to Europe? Something's makin' you sweat.
(Hartley doesn't move)
Josh Snow: Wake me when it's over.
Hartley: (smiles and starts pushing his chips into the middle) 30K... and another 30K says you got nothin'...
(Josh's eyes go wide... and then the camera cuts to the next day)
Lou Cardinale: You stupid son of a bitch... you lost 80 grand?!

(after shooting a blank at Frankie Martin's crotch and "missing")
Josh Snow: Wanna bet again? Your heart for 20k?

Josh Snow: The guy pissed himself!
Angela: (giggles) You are intense, Josh.
Josh Snow: I tell ya, Lou was right. Blanks really put the scare in people.
Angela: (laughing) Lou shoots nothin' except blanks.

Robert Goren: I'm sorry to hear about your wife.
Josh Snow: What are you hoping to find here, Goren? Ten of Hearts? Jack of Spades? I didn't kill that guy.

Robert Goren: You've been talking to the DA.
Josh Snow: Did I hurt your feelings? Don't be offended. I told my lawyer you'd be harder to play.
Robert Goren: Well, if that's true, then what's the play?
Josh Snow: (chuckles) You're good. I almost miss seeing you. But something's always in play. The game is endless.

Josh Snow: You're faking sincere. Tilting your head to the left... breaking eye contact to put me at ease. Same old tells.
Robert Goren: Well, you've got some tells, too.
Josh Snow: Yeah, I know. Tells of the heart can't be hidden.

Background information and notes

  • Josh Snow mentions that Goren and Eames helped put away his father's killer, which suggests that he might be Joey Frost, the poker prodigy from "Cruise to Nowhere".

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