Allard Bunker
Allard Bunker.jpg
Name Allard Bunker
Title Captain
Affiliation United States Navy
Occupation Military officer
Pathology Murderer
Status Imprisoned
Actor Len Cariou
First Appearance "Conduct Unbecoming"

Allard Bunker was a Captain in the United States Navy who was charged with and convicted of killing Lieutenant Janet Hagen.

History[edit | edit source]

Bunker was a decorated naval officer who served in Vietnam, Grenada, and the Gulf. In 1988, after a successful tour of duty as the captain of a cruiser, he became an instructor at the United States Naval Academy, a position he held for a year. At that time, he fraternized with a female midshipman named Janet Hagen, spending the weekend with her. Hagen later filed a complaint of sexual harassment against Bunker; although the Navy's board of inquiry cleared him of the charges, the complaint scuttled his career, with Bunker becoming ineligible for command of a ship-of-the-line or promotion to the rank of admiral, unlike both his predecessors and successors in his position at the Academy. Following the harassment complaint, Bunker was reassigned to Naval Weapons Station Earle in New Jersey. By 1993, he was the commanding officer of the U.S.S. McKinley, a submarine-hunting frigate. At that time, he re-encountered Hagen, who was now a lieutenant assigned to the McKinley for sonar training.

One night, while on liberty in New York City, Bunker invited Hagen to his hotel room for drinks and attempted to make amends with her. An argument ensued and Bunker lost his temper, tearing the lieutenant's rotator cuff and hitting her head to the point where she suffered a fatal brain bleed. Later that night, Bunker assaulted a prostitute named Tammy White after he failed to perform. Although a junior officer confessed to involuntary manslaughter in a drunken accident, EADA Stone and ADA Robinette were able to prove that it was in fact Bunker who committed the murder. He was subsequently convicted of murder in the second degree and given the maximum sentence. (L&O: "Conduct Unbecoming")

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