Amelia Cole
Name Amelia Cole
Family Janice Cole (mother; deceased)
Unnamed father
Lauren Cole (sister)
Status Alive
Actor Lily Pilblad
First Appearance "Beast's Obsession"
Last Appearance "Post-Mortem Blues"
Amelia Cole is the twelve-year-old youngest daughter of Dr. Janice Cole, William Lewis's prison doctor.


After Lewis escaped, he broke into their house, killed her mother, and raped her older sister Lauren. After he was done, he kidnapped Amelia and took her around the city as she witnessed him continuing to assault and murder people. After Lewis calls and talks to Sergeant Benson, he gives the phone to Amelia and instructs her to say hello to her. Lewis then takes the phone back and strokes her face while he taunts Benson with her age. Lewis then grabs Amelia and instructs Benson to make a public confession or she would never she Amelia again. After Lewis hangs up, he puts in the cellphone in Amelia's backpack and leaves it on a tram in Queens to mislead the police.

He then travels to his ex-attorney Martha Marron's house with the intention of raping her. When he realizes she isn't there, he decides to take a break while waiting for Benson to call, and Amelia sits on the couch. When Benson calls again, Lewis picks up and flees with Amelia's mouth duct-taped shut while he taunts Benson and pistol-whips her with a gun. Lewis watches the Benson's televised confession and starts force-feeding Amelia vodka. He eventually takes her to an abandoned industrial area, binds her the way he binds all of his victims, and sends Benson a photo. Lewis eventually brings Benson to the building they are hiding in, and Amelia later witnesses Benson being forced to play Russian Roulette with Lewis. As he forces Benson to play, Amelia continues to cry in fear. As they near the end, Benson instructs Amelia to look away, which she does. On Benson's last turn, Lewis says goodbye and proceeds to pull the trigger. Amelia screams in shock, thinking he killed her. (SVU: "Beast's Obsession")

After Lewis commits suicide, they are both rescued. Detective Rollins helps Amelia down and she is later taken back to her father. When a Brooklyn grand jury is convened to investigate Lewis's suicide, ADA Derek Strauss calls Amelia as a witness. Strauss asks about the moment Benson told Amelia to look away and mentions Lewis's game of Russian Roulette. She mentions Lewis's last words, and Strauss uses it to paint the picture that Benson killed Lewis and told Amelia to look away for that reason. Amelia hugs Benson and apologizes for what happened, but Benson reassures her. Amelia thanks her one last time for saving her, and Benson tells her to take care of herself. (SVU: "Post-Mortem Blues")