"American Jihad"
L&O, Episode 13.01
Production number: E3304
First aired: 2 October 2002
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Anwar Mohammed
Written By
Aaron Zelman & Marc Guggenheim

Directed By
Constantine Makris


An American Muslim defends himself against charges that he murdered an academic who challenged his religious beliefs.


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Ed Green: I want to ask your opinion on Einstein's theory because I'm not sure he was right.
Phil: Headline: 'Cop Cracks Relativity'.
Ed Green: No, not that theory, Phil. His theory on genius. See - and correct me if I'm wrong - Einstein argued that genius has no personality. But after talking to you for this short amount of time, I realize that you actually prove the negative. You definitely have personality. And it makes this primate want to whoop your ass. Now say somethin'.

Greg Landen: You don't even try to hide your disdain for Islam!
Colin Fraser: My disdain isn't for Islam, pal.

To quote the Bard: Ignorance often turns out to be the best defense.

–Arthur Branch about representing oneself in court

Olivet: My guess is he is terrified of women. Militant Islam eases that anxiety by making women subordinate.
McCoy: Landon became a slave of Allah because he couldn't get a date?

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Telemarketing Solutions
37 Est 44th Street
Tuesday, August 14

Office Of The Dean
Stuyvesant College
Wednesday, August 15

Protect Life
502 West 33rd Street
Thursday, August 16

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Home Of Mousah Salim
142 East 84th Street
Thursday, August 16

Strickland Academy
601 Amsterdam Avenue
Friday, August 17

Supreme Court
Trial Part 38
Monday, September 24

Stytvesant College
East Quad
Monday, October 1

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