Andre Fuller
Name Andre Fuller
Occupation Student
Family Leon Fuller (father; deceased)
Joelle Fuller (mother)
Aleah Brown (aunt)
Status Alive
Actor Ja'Siah Young
First Appearance "At Midnight In Manhattan"

Andre Fuller is the son of Leon and Joelle Fuller.


When Leon was physically abusing and raping Joelle, a frightened Andre rang 911, crying and screaming to the operator that Leon was hurting Joelle. When the police arrived, he spoke to Tutuola about what he witnessed before Tutuola gave him a hug to comfort him. Later, both Andre and Joelle were placed into a women's refuge before Leon could be taken to trial. (SVU: "At Midnight In Manhattan")

Concerned that Leon would look for Andre and Joelle, Tutuola gave Andre a phone so he could call him. Eventually, Leon did indeed track them down, and Andre witnessed Leon try to kill Joelle. When Tutuola arrived, Leon held Andre at knifepoint and initiated a standoff. After a while, Tutuola shot and killed Leon, freeing Andre in the process. (SVU: "The Things We Have To Lose")


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