Andrea Kent
Andrea Kent
Name Andrea Kent
Occupation Former student
Pathology Accomplice to murder
Accomplice to kidnapping
Family Unnamed parents
Status Imprisoned
Actor Arielle Kebbel
First Appearance "Mean"

Andrea Kent was a sixteen-year-old student.


Andrea attended the Tanner Day Academy with her friends Brittany O'Malley, Paige Summerbee, and Emily Sullivan. She participated in the murder of Emily, because she wanted to teach her a lesson. Andrea never intended to kill her, but she never stopped Brittany either. During the investigation by the Special Victims Unit, Andrea and her friends lied on many occasions to cover up their crime. Her lies were eventually found out and she was arrested by Detectives Benson and Stabler.

During the trial, she testified in court and claimed that Brittany was the only one who'd hurt Emily. Assistant District Attorney Casey Novak noticed that she was wearing a ring with the wrong birthstone. Andrea was born on January 13, so her birthstone would have been garnet. In fact, she was wearing a sapphire, the same as Emily's birthstone: Andrea took the ring off of Emily's body, showing her involvement in the crime. She tried to claim that Paige gave her the ring, but Paige yelled back at her that Andrea took it and got rid of the bloody clothes. Andrea's lawyers tried to get a mistrial, claiming she perjured herself, but the judge refused.

Both Andrea and Paige were convicted of all charges against them and sent to juvenile facilities for five years, and later sent to maximum security for no less than 20 more years. (SVU: "Mean")

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