Andrew Munch
Name Andrew Munch
Pathology Murderer
Family Pete Munch (brother; deceased)
John Munch (nephew)
Bernard Munch (nephew)
David Munch (nephew)
Status Institutionalized
Actor Jerry Lewis
First Appearance "Uncle"

Andrew Munch (born June 22nd) is the uncle of John Munch. He was born on June 22.


He suffered from severe mental illness and for a period of time was in a fugue. Later, he was found to be homeless and living in Central Park, where Detectives Stabler and Beck discovered him. He was treated for his illness and regained his mental stability. However, the detectives were investigating a brutal rape/murder case and Andrew got involved with it. Later, due to a manic state induced by his medicine, he shoved the murderer, Brent Allen Banks, right into an oncoming subway train, killing him instantly, just before Brent would escape the jurisdiction. Later, he was so remorseful and shocked at what he had done that he committed himself to a psychiatric ward and refused to take his medicine despite the fact that without it, he would return to his fugue state.

Andrew was found not guilty by reason of insanity in court based on his mental state and Brent's criminal history and is currently institutionalized.