Angel Desai
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Angel Desai is an actress who played several different characters in all three primary shows of the Law & Order franchise. She is probably best known for her portrayal of assistant Medical Examiner Judy Waxman.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Judy Waxman Ill-Conceived.jpg
Ellen Erica Assistant M.E. Judy Waxman
L&O: "The Fire This Time" L&O: "House Calls" L&O: "Ill-Conceived" • "Vendetta" • "The Sixth Man" • "Red Ball"
CSU (Angel Desai).jpg
M.E. Technician Tatum.jpg
Nikki Ushima.jpg
CSU Technician M.E. Technician Tatum Nikki Ushima
SVU: "Charisma" • "Weak" SVU: "Name" CI: "Tru Love" • "Vanishing Act"
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