Law and Order
SVU, Episode 4.06
Production number: E3106
First aired: 1 November 2002
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Written By
Robert F. Campbell & Jonathan Greene

Directed By
Arthur W. Forney


A boy is found dead hiding in a bus that started from Manhattan and a second, older boy is caught trying to escape. The two boys are from Central America and they were in the custody of Bret Jansen, a member of a Wall Street law firm who is found slaughtered in his bed. Questioning of the surviving boy and discovery of a videotape of Jansen and another male molesting similar boys leads to a ring of wealthy pedophiles using a travel agency to smuggle in boys.


The detectives raid the Lynch home, where they find Lynch in his study. Lynch protests but the detectives discover him watching an incriminating video of him with a child.

Lynch is brought in and after he and his lawyer converse, he denies being the killer of Jansen but gives up the names of his pedophile colleagues as a deal. Members are brought in the precinct but none have the tattoo that the other man in the video with Jansen had. Soon detectives realize it must be Walt Massey, as he has skill in the medical field and acts as the personal dentist to the children.

They talk with his wife who reveals Massey is close with her sons from her previous marriage. They ask which one is he particularly close with and she says Shawn, the oldest son. After she realizes the reason for the questions, she is horrified by the truth.

In interrogation, Shawn breaks down while revealing that Massey has molested him and he was afraid because his family might go back to the shelter. This brings his mother to tears and she comforts him.

Afterwards, Massey is brought in and shares looks with his family who are horrified by him. Massey then speaks with Stabler, who tricks Massey into revealing his pedophile nature by making up a case. Stabler then notices that Massey has the same tattoo on his arm, as the man in the tape with Jansen and says he is under arrest for rape of the boys and the murder of Jansen. Gradually breaking down, Massey confessed to killing Jansen, who had sexually abused his adoptive sons. He believed that his sexual relationship with Shawn was consensual and that the boy seduced him, and that he was better than Jansen because he loved his victims, while Jansen thought of his as sexual objects. However, Stabler states that while Massey tried to prove himself better, that he is in fact worse than Jansen because he took advantage of the love that his family gave him and betrayed them while deeming him a despicable human.


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Warner: Jansen’s genitals weren't exactly cut off. They were surgically excised.
Stabler: Come again?
Warner: Removed with a scalpel by someone who knows anatomy, and pre-mortem.
Benson: So someone wanted to really make him suffer. How did the perp incapacitate him?
Warner: Whacked him on the head with a blunt object.
Stabler: Probably took that with him.
Warner: Now, an amateur would have slit his throat straight across. Jansen’s killer made precise incisions on the carotid artery here and here, after...
Stabler: You don’t need to demonstrate that part.

I think Alex is dining with the enemy.

–Benson about Trevor Langan

Tony: When would you like to travel, Mr. Blackmun? Or is there another name you'd like to use?
Munch: As a matter of fact, there is. John Munch, but you can call me Detective. [flashes his badge] Get up! Put your hands behind your back right now! NOW! NOW!!
Tony: This entrapment!
Munch: Well, we call it conspiracy.

Tony: So, what's this conspiracy that you're charging me with?
Munch: Facilitating the rape of children in foreign countries.
Tony: There's no state law against that.
Stabler: Federal law. We turn our tape over to the U.S. Attorney, you're toast.
Tony: Federal statutes require proof of a sex act. That means they need a victim. Where they gonna find one?
Munch: No wonder this guy doesn't need a lawyer. He's got the law memorized with all his other NAMBLA buddies.
Tony: NAMBLA? I'm not one of those freaks.
Stabler: How many boys they pass around to you?
Tony: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.
[Stabler throws Tony against the wall and roughs him up a little]
Stabler: You think I am some dumb cop?
Tony: I had nothin' to...
[Stabler cuts him off with a jab to the gut]
Munch: Elliot!
Stabler: Think you're smarter than me?!
Tony: I need a doctor!
Stabler: You're gonna need a morgue, pal! You are nothing but a lowlife pimp who sells children. You sent Bret Jansen on a sex tour. Him and a friend made a video doin' a 10-year-old boy.
Tony: Friend? I don't know about any friend.
Munch: Yeah, right, just like you didn't know your customers have been smuggling back little sex toys of their own.
Tony: Listen, Jansen and Lynch did that on their own. I had nothin' to do with it!
Stabler: You got nothin' to do with anything, do you? How 'bout sex tours? Do you know anything about them? Huh? Do you book sex tours?!
Tony: Yes! Yes!
Stabler: How many do you book?
Tony: Couple dozen. Over the years.
Stabler: Yeah? Just a couple dozen?
Tony: I swear, I'm not one of them! I was just in it for the money!
Stabler: Which the Feds are gonna take away from you while you're sittin' on death row for slicin' up Bret Jansen.
Tony: What?! I had nothin' to do with that!
Munch: That's funny, because somebody did to him exactly what he joked about doin' to you.
Tony: That rat bastard.
Munch: Gotta be more specific. There's a lot of 'em running around in this case.
Tony: Lynch! I told him about Jansen's joke that he was gonna cut my balls off. He's using it to set me up!
Stabler: Why would he wanna kill Jansen?
Tony: Because Lynch handpicked José for Jansen. Then Jansen called Lynch, said he wanted his money back when José and Ernesto escaped.
Munch: When's the last time you spoke to Lynch?
Tony: Before Jansen was killed. Lynch called, said he wanted to know why the video of his trip hadn't arrived yet. I told him it was on its way. [pants] Make me a deal. Make me a deal, and I will give you Lynch on a silver platter.

Lynch: You can't just barge in here!
Stabler: Just wanted to watch a little tv, what's on?
Tutuola: Looks like the doc's the star of his own freakshow

Perp: I am telling you, I would never do 2 men and a boy!
Munch: Prove it! Take your shirt off!

Tutuola: Okay, here's how we're gonna find out which one of you is the movie star: we're gonna get a court order, we're gonna strip ya, we're gonna take some pretty pictures and see if your tats match!
Benson: We've rounded up 17 pervs so far: teacher, store clerk, engineer, a couple of Wall Street masters of the universe. All of them say that Damon got them their so-called son or daughter.

Stabler: You're under arrest for the murder of Jansen and for sexually abusing your son.
Walt: No! I didn't force Shawn. He seduced me. Now, h-h-how, how could I deny him? I never beat him like Jansen beat his boys! It's not the same thing!
Stabler: No. It's worse. You had sex with your stepson, and you don't think there's anything wrong with that? What kinda sick bastard are you?

Background information and notes

  • Benson makes a snide remark about Cabot being on a date with defense attorney Trevor Langan, saying she's "dining with the enemy". In reality, Benson and Langan's actors, Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann, had been dating since meeting while filming the episode "Monogamy" last season. The two eventually married.

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Port Authority
Police Headquarters
JFK International Airport
Monday, October 28

Bret Jansen's Loft
28 Thomas Street
Monday, October 28

Dental Offices of
Dr. Walt Massey
378 Park Avenue
Tuesday, October 29

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The Metropolis Club
234 East 47th Street
Tuesday, October 29

Global Voyages
Travel Agency
821 Lexington Avenue
Wednesday, October 30

Massey Residence
Scarsdale, New York
Friday, November 1

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