Law and Order

Anna Mill was a lawyer and the wife of Julian Mill, as well as the mother of Rachel and Charlie Mill.


By her own account, Anna grew up with little a material lifestyle of her own, pushing herself throughout her life to rise to the levels of successful, inspirational women. She eventually married Julian Mill, a freelance poetry writer, and had two children with him, daughter Rachel and then son Charlie. Anna became a paralegal at Schwartz, Medley, & Clarke, with Bill Schwartz as her boss.

Her expenditures eventually went extravagant, to the point she had to cut corners on her lifestyle and miss out of the experiences and possessions she wanted. Unsatisfied with her hard earned success and wanting more from her life, Anna eventually set up an account named "GBT Legal Services" under Julian's name. In reality, it was her own personal fraudulent account she kept bounties of money she stole from her clients.

Julian's poet partner Tom Bernstein wanted to take a trip to the family's ski lodge in Vail, France, to get out of a creative block with Julian. Anna foreclosed the lodge, so she said no to the trip immediately as the primary financier of the family. She started to fear the embezzlement would be found out, and with her perfect life hopes already on a thread, she started to fall deeper into depression from her family being without a mother and wife.


At some point, Anna planned to kill her husband and children so their happiness wouldn't be lost by her being penalized and not supporting the family with her income and dirty funds. The night she was ready, Anna kissed her nanny Delores Alverez and said goodbye to her in Spanish, instead of her usual good night. She then stabbed them all in their beds while they slept, more brutally and with more wounds the older they were, then went to work like it was another day. The next day, Charlie woke up having survived the two stab wounds he endured, stumbling out of the house and down the street. A neighbor's nanny saw him and, holding when he collapsed, called 911. Rachel and Julian were found in their bedrooms later, and Charlie died despite the hospital's efforts to save them.

Anna was personally notified during an interrupted meeting at her office. She responded with near-speechless, tears, and collapsing and sobbing in Carisi's arms. She told the lie that she figured Julian took Charlie to soccer practice. Delores was briefly suspected due to her infatuation with Julian. In reality, she fond the family dead first, tried to shake them to see if they were alive, and took the knife with her because she touched it without thinking and feared being blamed with her prints on the weapon. She was still suspected and arrested, with Anna playing along by feigning disbelief.

Covering all their bases, the team them questioned Tom, who left a furious, threatening voicemail because of the canceled trip. He was in obvious shock and instead of proving his guilt in the murders, he slowly led to Anna's from telling about the foreclosure and how Julian suspected. When Schwartz kept the detectives from searching her office without a warrant, they followed the GBT money and realized the truth about it being her embezzlement account. What was plenty clinching evidence is the tennis shoes Anna wore during the murders, with Rachel's blood on one sole. When Anna was shown the shows in interrogation, she started to whimper for her family. She then firmly confessed to the murders, before nervously adding her family was better off dead.

She told Dr. Abernathy a story about a cockroach struggling and failing to not fall onto a running grill and die, which she said she witnessed where she ate lunches regularly. Anna then said she was the ledge and her family was the cockroach, saying she wanted to "save" them from their lives collapsing and having to drudge through it because she was guilty of her own actions. Abernathy said she fits the "family annihilator" profile, a psychotic and/or depressed family killer, often in the family, with a motive to "euthanize" relatives they figured couldn't support themselves without the killer themselves. Abernathy said this was the defense that would be used to argue she was insane.

During cross examination, Anna told her attorney William O'Boyle her rags-to-riches change of lifestyle was all she wanted and loved, along with sharing it with her family, and that she thought she was doing what was best and dissociate herself from the murders. Stone was more aggressive, mockingly and bitterly "associating" her with confrontations about the murders and the consequences of her actions, to the chagrin of Anna's counsel and the presiding judge. It was especially provoking to hear Stone say Anna should've killed herself instead of her family, which Abernathy had earlier mentioned is expected of family killers of her profile.

But a since-released Delores mentioning Anna's goodbye proved she planed the murders beforehand. Delores lamented the Mills kept her and her brother Emilio in the country, which is why she couldn't handle the massacre herself. In closing arguments, Anna was defended by O'Boyle as being a successful, loving mother who couldn't keep up the aspirations feminists inspired her with for years and couldn't be competent enough due to the rest of what was on her mind and in her life. Stone closed with the rebuttal of she knew what she did was wrong because she planned and covered up, and as much as even the women on the jury deserved support and compassion, that wasn't a warrant for murder for any woman in Anna's position.

At the reading of the verdict, the jury didn't convict Anna of Rachel's and Charlie's murders, but they found her sanely competent and thus guilty of the murder of Julian. Anna wept as she was taken into custody and escorted out of the courtroom. Benson was later called in her office; Anna was found dead by suicide, hanging in her cell.

Known Victims

  • The Mill familicide:
    • Julian Mill (her husband; stabbed twelve times)
    • Rachel Mill (her daughter; stabbed three times)
    • Charlie Mill (her son; stabbed twice; survived, but later died in a hospital the next day)
  • Delores Alverez (briefly framed for the murders)