Anne Benton
Anne Benton
Name Anne Benton
Title Senator
Affiliation New York State Senate
Occupation Senator
Pathology Contract murderer
Status Imprisoned for life
Actor Deborah Hedwall
First Appearance Deep Vote

Anne Benton was a corrupt New York State Senator and a former attorney. Benton was reelected by having Joey Eckert rig voting machines in her favor.

As a lawyer, she once represented mobster Albert Bonatto. She once lobbied Nora Lewin's appointment to District attorney with Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

When the rigging of the machines was discovered by journalist Kate Pierce, she hired Albert Bonatto to have her murdered, but Martha Krasner was killed by accident.

Benton, having been forced to resign from her position as State Senator for fraud and her role in the murder, is now serving a life sentence without possibility of parole in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for conspiracy to commit murder in the first degree, and murder in the second degree. She was convicted with the help of the chairman of the committee to reelect her, the source about the voting machine rigging.

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