Anne Ellis
Anne Ellis
Name Anne Ellis
Affiliation Bernard Jackson
Occupation Artist
Family Mr. Ellis (husband)
Unnamed children
Status Deceased
Actor Toby Poser
First Appearance "Art"
Anne Ellis was an artist friend of Bernard Jackson, when Anne went to meet with Bernard they were killed by Sylvia Moon.


Anne was an artist who had a husband and kids and was tied to Bernard Jackson. Anne was a genuine artist but she didn'tseem to know that Bernard was actually a forger. When Anne discovered that Sylvia Moon was making forgery she threatened to reveal to Sylvia's artwork for what it truly was.


Anne goes to the studio Bernard told her to go to but was late due to traffic. Anne notices a man named Rudy Langer and asks Bernard who Rudy was but Bernard reassures her that Rudy was here to help. Anne and Bernard then hear another knock and Anne asks who the person was but Bernard didn't know who it was. The person was Sylvia and Anne decided to take a drink of the wine that Rudy offered, which was, unknowing to Anne drugged. Anne fell unconcious on the couch and Sylvia killed Bernard, hung Anne and put gunpowder on her hand to make it look like Anne committed murder-suicide on Bernard. However, Detectives Goren and Eames soon discover that Anne did not commit murder-suicide due to Anne being more up than the stool that was tipped over. The detectives discover that Sylvia was the murderer and what her motives were. (CI: "Art")

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