Annika Bergeron
Annika Bergeron
Name Annika Bergeron
Affiliation Studio Arts League
Occupation Painter
Family Celia (daughter with Daniel Lester)
Laura Bergeron (sister)
Status Deceased
Actor Karen Goberman
First Appearance "Tragedy"

Annika Bergeron was a painter who worked for the Studio Arts League, and the ex-girlfriend of Daniel Lester.


During their relationship, Annika became pregnant, but decided not to tell Daniel about the baby after the break-up. She did tell Daniel's new girlfriend, Melinda Granville, about the pregnancy. Melinda shared this information with her mother, Rose Granville. Rose decided that it was for the best to get rid of the baby, and arranged for Annika to be kidnapped.

Annika called 911 during the kidnap, but her attacker forced her to drive them to a secluded spot. Because of the similar M.O., the Detectives briefly thought that she had been kidnapped by the carjack rapist, but soon realized that the baby was the reason for the crime. Detectives Elliot Stabler and Odafin Tutuola found Annika while she was in labor. Her gynecologist had previously warned the cops that she was scheduled for a c-section, because the placenta was blocking the birth canal. After Annika had made it clear to Elliot that she wanted to save the baby at all costs, a little baby girl named Celia was born. Annika died shortly after delivering the girl.

In order to protect Melinda, Daniel wanted to take the fall for everything that had happened. When he and the Detectives realized that Rose was the mastermind behind Annika's murder and kidnapping, he distanced himself from the Granvilles. Detective Olivia Benson introduced him to his daughter.

Rose Granville was eventually arrested for Annika's first-degree murder and kidnapping, and was convicted and executed in prison.

Annika lived in an apartment on 501 East 11th Street, and had a sister named Laura. (SVU: "Tragedy")

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