UK, Episode 3.07
Production number:
First aired: 21 October 2010
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Written By
Debbie O'Malley

Directed By
Mark Everest


For two years Stephanie Blake has been pestered by a cyber-stalker who knows every detail of her private life. Conceited ladies' man Russell Lowry tried to contact her from prison, but after being pushed downstairs, Stephanie fails to recognize him - and then she is murdered. Lowry slowly moves into the frame on the discovery that Stephanie subscribed by standing order to an animal charity for which he worked, so he knows her purchasing details. A cell-mate also reveals that Lowry used a computer in prison. The prosecution case is however flimsy, as Ronnie recorded his view that Stephanie faked the fall downstairs as a cry for help. He determines not to let her down again, bringing his evidence at Lowry's trial into conflict with Matt's view. Up against fearsome defending brief Evelyn Wyndham, James must discredit Matt for a result.


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