Anthony Damon
Name Tony Damon
Affiliation Global Voyages Travel Agency
Occupation Travel agent
Pathology Serial proxy rapist
Human trafficker
Serial kidnapper
Serial harasser
Status Imprisoned
Actor Will Arnett
First Appearance "Angels"

Anthony "Tony" Damon is a human trafficker who sold numerous children to several pedophiles, and facilitated the rapes of many other children in Third World countries.


Tony founded the Global Voyages Travel Agency, which endorsed wealthy pedophiles and allowed them to go on trips to Third World countries, where they would rape boys and videotape the acts. These videos were later turned into tapes by Tony's company and given to the customers as souvenirs. He also smuggled numerous children into the U.S. and sold them to pedophiles. However, Tony distanced himself from his customers' lifestyles, declaring the business was just for money.

When one of his clients, Bret Jansen, was murdered and his business was exposed as a result of the ensuing investigation, Tony was arrested by an undercover John Munch. At first, he attempted to pin the smuggling of the children on Jansen and another customer, Stewart Lynch, and offered to make a deal. However, Lynch disproved his claim, revealing Tony smuggled in children monthly and sold them to him and other customers. Tony is currently serving his sentence in a federal prison. (SVU: "Angels")

Known Victims

  • Facilitated numerous rapes of unnamed children in foreign countries
  • Kidnapped numerous unnamed children and sold them to pedophiles
  • Sold the following to Stewart Lynch:
    • Juan Lynch
    • Ramon Lynch
    • An unnamed boy
  • Sold the following to Bret Jansen:
    • Ernesto Diaz
    • Jose
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